Growing up, Terry Tambara was introduced to photography through his father and grandfather. Both of these men in his family were interested in the medium, with his father taking it on as a hobby and his grandfather expressing his intrigue about it. With this influence, Mr. Tambara enrolled in the New York Institute of Photography while at home and was able to take his lessons and submit his lessons from there. His instructors would send back recordings and critique of his work, and upon graduating from the institute, one of his instructors told him that he had the highest scores than any student he’s ever had.

With this positive reinforcement, Mr. Tambara continued honing his craft. He valued his success in the field when he began having his work published. Upon being published, his contemporaries acknowledged and showed their respect to him. In addition to receiving a diploma from the New York Institute of Photography on 1977, Mr. Tambara also has an AA from Lane Community College and a Bachelor of Science from Portland State University. He has been a professional photograph since the late 1970s, and in addition to this work is an orchardist with Suzuki Tambara Inc. He began his work as an orchardist in 2006.  Mr. Tambara’s eye for art and aesthetics has also lent itself well into his career as a graphic designer. Furthermore, Mr. Tambara has worked as an executive in the cosmetic industry, for companies like Taisho International, Asobi Industries and Origami Cosmetic Co. His photography has been featured in the book American Photographers at the Turn of the Century.

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